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Case Studies

Family Court 

The Problem: Judge A is presiding over a divorce case. Both parties request custody of the children and each claims the other is a chronic drug abuser. The Judge orders Hair Testing from Span.

The Solution: Span provides both parties with test kits and directs them to the nearest and most convenient facility to submit a hair sample.

The Result: One parent shows no history of drug use going back at least 60 days prior to the test, the other is positive for controlled substance. The Judges interrogates the parent with positive results who swears it only happened once at a party several weeks ago and that he is not a chronic abuser, but that his wife is not a drug user but a heavy drinker. The Judge order the husband to undergo Span Random Management and the wife to receive an Alcohol and Drug Assessment from a Span Clinician.

The Solution: Span places the husband on random management until the next court date three months hence, and schedule the wife for an Assessment with one of the Span associated Forensic Clinician.

The Result: Three months later the Judge receives a detailed report of when the husband called, when he was advised to submit specimens, if he complied with that directive, and all drug screen results. She also receives a narrative report from the Span Forensic Clinician indicating the findings regarding the wife’s possible alcoholism. She then makes an informed decision regarding custody based on objective and accurate information.

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