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Span Corporation has been bridging the gap between the legal, business and medical communities since 1986. We provide forensic drug screening, employer drug screening, background investigation, program development, random management, equipment and supplies for instant drug tests and consultation.

There is a lot to the selection of drug screening. What panel? What lab? Do I need confirmation? What about hair testing? Where is the lab located? What forms are needed? How much should I pay for a drug screen? Which screen is the most accurate? Which screen is right for my client?

Most individuals seeking drug screening services have little or no expertise in the area. After all, how can one be expected to keep up with all the nuances of drug screening when it is a tiny portion of their job? Conversely many medical resources do not understand the particular needs of the legal and business community. Who should get the report? Who do I bill? How do I bill? What about confidentiality? What does the customer want or need in terms of guidance and council?

That is where Span comes in. For over twenty years we have made it our business to understand the needs of the legal and business communities and the processes necessary to secure the correct and most cost effective services from the medical community. 

Call us for one-stop drug screening and background investigation services 24/7 nationwide. 

Your complete satisfaction is our goal and your guarantee.

Mike Grosh


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