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Case Studies

Probate Court

The Challenges: Susan Somebody has been brought up on charges for shoplifting. She admits to a long history of substance abuse. She is placed on probation; her children have been removed from the home. In order to regain custody of her children Susan must demonstrate that she is sober and drug free. The case worker assigned the case calls, faxes, or emails Span with an order for Random Management Drug Screening and advises Susan to call Span to set up the program.

The Solution: Susan calls Span. She is advised to call every day between 8 am and 5 pm and on some of those days will be told to present to a collection site pre-selected by Span for its proximity to the client’s home or work and accommodating hours of operation to give the specimen. Span, using a random generator produces a schedule of screening for the client. The client calls every day.

Result: Six weeks later the case worker is again before the judge. She offers a Span Random Report which indicates the days when Susan did and didn’t call, the days she was directed to submit for screening, the incidents of when she did or did not comply with that direction and the results of all screens completed. The judge makes a determination based on the information provided whether to grant custody or take other action.

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