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The Problem: A national tech support company has employees stationed in all fifty states. New employees undergo intensive company training to insure they can deliver with the consistent quality the company has become to be know for. The company is growing fast and doing a lot of hiring. They want to be sure they are bringing the right kind of people on board.

The Solution: The Employer calls Span. We institute a nationwide program of drug screening and background investigation. Before the first interview, applicants are directed to nearby Span collection site to submit a urine specimen and Span directs a background investigation looking at State, County and Local felony records, Driving History, Credit History, Education validation and previous employer recommendations.

The Outcome: The employer receives a complete report from Span giving detailed information about the applicant's drug, work, education and legal history and is able to make an informed decision to proceed with the applicant. The employer is able to concentrate most of his resources of evaluating desirable applicants, insure company quality and same money on training and turnover.

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