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On-Site Drug Testing

Many time employers or courts will find the cost or inconvenience of sending individuals out to lab-based collection sites does not entirely fit their need. There may be large numbers of individual needing testing making the lost time for off site referral too disruptive. In some instances, particularly with courts, there is a need for instant test results and a requirement for continuous monitoring of the individual being tested making off site referrals impractical. Also, on site testing done by agency personnel may be viewed as less evidentiary than on site testing provided by third party trained and certified collectors.

Span has the ability to bring the drug testing resources to your door. We can staff and manage on-site collection facilities at your location on individual special case programs or in on going sourcing for regular periodic screenings. All technologies and methodologies for drug screening and background investigation services available by referral can be configure for delivery at your facilities.

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