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Forensic Drug Screening

What is Forensic Drug Screening? Simply put, it is any form of Drug Screening done by court order or for specific legal purpose other than job related purposes. It is also Span’s specialty.

For over fifteen years Span has been working with Government Child and Family Services, Private Social Services agencies, Attorneys and Judges, and sometimes defendants, providing Drug Screening Services specifically suited to the legal environment.

Span helps select the right screen on a case by case basis, arrange special reporting and documentation for court purposes, provides advice and counsel in the interpretation of drug screen results, archives results and other documentation for later retrieval, and maintains a call center for ready access to technical questions regarding the drug screen collection processes, clinical methodologies, as well as other advise and council. Span provides consultation and expert testimony from physicians (MRO) and other clinicians specifically trained in substance abuse and toxicology.

Few, if any, TPAs, clinics or laboratories can offer the experience and expertise in Forensic Drug Screening available from Span Corporation.

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