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RichInfo Random Drug Screen Management Program

What is RichInfo? A random drug screen call-in and compliance monitoring program for individuals court ordered or otherwise directed to regular random management for drug screening. Unlike conventional Call-In systems, RichInfo is configured with a powerful software program that performs automated compliance monitoring providing Case Managers with detailed and evidentiary documentation of the clients' total level of compliance with the program.

What is in it for the Probation Officers, Parole Officers and Case Managers? In addition to the convenience of having another party administer the program and the corresponding drug screen results the referring entity will enjoy:

  • Seven day a week, twenty four hour a day call-in.
  • Documentation of each call, and missed call.
  • Ongoing monitoring by our staff for non-compliance.
  • Regular Call-In Reporting. (see following page)
  • "Red Flag" reporting of any significant pattern of non-compliance.
  • Web based referral and results retrieval available
  • Drug Screen Collection in over 4000 locations nation-wide.

Money is tight, why not get full value for the dollar? We see evidence of cost reduction efforts by the courts every day. They have limited budgets and also understand that their clients have limited budgets. Requiring only occasional pBts because they are inexpensive, putting clients under year long random management programs in which only two or three screens are required--these are hard compromises -- buying what clients can afford even though the process screens leaves big gaping opportunities for undetected non-compliance. With RichInfo, valuable and evidentiary information which is generally left on the table with conventional random management programs is secured and available as an important tool with which to make assessments about the quality of a client overall recovery or probation program.

Available with or without drug screens. In many cases, courts or other entities have arrangements with local drug screen provider who offer adequate drug screening services but are not equipped to supply high quality random management services, leaving the task to the agency. In those instances RichInfo can provide random management programming as a stand-alone service, coordinating with the local provider to ensure enriched high quality information is delivered seamlessly to the agency.

Press the "Refer for screening" button or the "forms" button on the home page at for web based registration or referral, or simply call us at 734-623-7726.

Click here for a Adobe Acrobat sample of the random management call-in report.


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